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In outdoor video surveillance system such traffic monitoring, cameras are usually mounted on buildings, bridges, or poles. These cameras might become shaky under various kinds of situation. The mounting device might become to shake under strong wind. The mounting device might become to loose after a certain period of time. The mouting bases such as bridges might become to shake under heavy traffic.

This Video Stabilization Prototype System will stabilize the video from such shaking or moving camera. The output video will be stable as if the camera is virtually not moving at all.

 Demo Videos

Stabilizer Demo Video 1
The left is the input from shaking camera.
The right side is the output. The red crossing lines are the reference to help viewers to exam stableness.
Download: stabilizer_seq1.avi [7M]
Stabilizer Demo Video 2
This example is a more challenging case compared to demo 1.
Camera is under sudden big movements. It creates difficulty in alignment.
Meanwhile, it has blur frames since camera cannot auto-focus quickly enough.
Download: stabilizer_seq2.avi [7M]

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