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In order to effectively interact with humans in a natural fashion, an intelligent agent-based office assistant must have a robust physical awareness system with which it can sense humans as they perform tasks in the real world.
The Camera Assisted Meeting Event Observer (CAMEO), is a sensory system designed to provide an electronic agent with physical awareness of the real world. CAMEO is the physical awareness (PA) component of a larger effort to develop an enduring personalized cognitive assistant that is capable of helping humans handle the many daily business/personal activities that they engage in.


The system include the following components. Details are described in the published paper below.
1. Motion Detection.
2. Face Detecting and Tracking.
3. Face Recognition from face database.
4. Meeting and Activity understanding.


CAMEO Meeting Demo
Two movies to show how CAMEO system works in a conference or meeting event.
Download: zip [5.1 MB]
Face Detection and Tracking
A three camera view mosaic movie to show face detecting and tracking.
Download: avi [1.6MB]
Face detection and Tracking Algorithms
A short powerpoint and four movies to explain the algorithms about how to detect and track faces.
Download: zip [4.2MB]
Face Recognition
A short powerpoint and three movies to show how to detect and recognize faces from face database.
Download: zip [37.8MB]