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Active Appearing Model (AAM) can track face with great details. However, it only works on near front view face images. Once an AAM loose track, it does not work until it is re-initialized through the front view face.

Cylinder Head Tracker, on the other hand, is simple and robust to head pose variation although it doesn't track the details on face.

Based on the ideas above, we developed a method to combine the AAM and the Cylinder Head Tracker. Therefore, we can robustly tracking the face on all view angle face images.


Face Tracking using AAM Only
Please note that tracker losts on side view faces.
Download: AAM_Only.avi [5.2 MB]
Cylinder Head Tracker Only

Download: Cylinder_only.avi [9.6 MB]
Face Tracking using AAM+Cylinder Head Tracker

Download: AAM_Cylinder_Demo.wmv [6.7 MB]

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