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I agree with following items.
  • to cite Kanade, Cohn, &Tian (2000) and Lucey et al. (2010) in any paper of mine or my collaborators that makes any use of the database. The references are:
    - Kanade, T., Cohn, J. F., & Tian, Y. (2000). Comprehensive database for facial expression analysis. Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG'00), Grenoble, France, 46-53.
    - Lucey, P., Cohn, J. F., Kanade, T., Saragih, J., Ambadar, Z., & Matthews, I. (2010). The Extended Cohn-Kanade Dataset (CK+): A complete expression dataset for action unit and emotion-specified expression. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on CVPR for Human Communicative Behavior Analysis (CVPR4HB 2010), San Francisco, USA, 94-101.
  • to use the images for non-commmericial research purposes only.
  • not to provide the images to second parties.
  • if I reproduce images in electronic or print media, to use only those from the following subjects and include notice of copyright (©Jeffrey Cohn).
    S52, S55, S74, S106, S111, S113, S121, S124, S125, S130, S132

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