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 Consortium Advisory Board (CAB) Workshop 2005

We are glad that our 2005 Consortium Advisory Board (CAB) Workshop are successfully held on December 9th, 2005!

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Schedule on Dec 09, 2005 Friday
Time Content Presenter
8:30AM-9:15AM PIA Consortium Overview Takeo Kanade
Session 1: Video Techniques
9:20AM-9:40AM Seperation video sequence into Layers Hulya Yalcin
9:40AM-10:00AM Layered Detection Hironobu Fujiyoshi
10:00AM-10:20AM Image Enhancement: Denight and Defog Takeo Kanade
10:20AM-10:40AM Virtual Background Surveillance David Zhou
Session 2: Detecting,Tracking and Recognizing
10:55AM-11:15AM Subspace Methods for Monitoring Daily Activity Fernando De la Torre Frade
11:15AM-11:35AM 3D Vision for Micro Aerial Vehicle Qifa ke
11:35AM-11:55AM Human Tracker Musik Kwon
11:55AM-12:15PM Detection of Object Layers by a Multi-camera Head Masato Kazui
Session 3: Face and Facial Expression
1:30PM-1:50PM AAM Face Modeling and Fitting Simon Baker
1:50PM-2:10PM Parts Based Face Alignment Leon Gu
2:10PM-2:30PM Facial Expression Analysis Changbo Hu
2:30PM-2:50PM Face,Expression,Gesture Recognition for Human Robot Interaction Daijin Kim
Session 4: Demos
3:05PM-3:25PM Face Alignment Leon Gu
3:25PM-3:45PM 3D Head Motion Recovery David Zhou
4:00PM-5:00PM Advisory Board Meeting