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Year 2007
Date Content Presenter
7/16/07 Recognizing detailed structures of objects Leon Gu
7/09/07 Real time face tracking. Kan Torii
7/02/07 Continue from last week. Jun-Su Jang
6/25/07 N. Oza. Online bagging and boosting. In Int. Conf. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, volume 3, pages 2340-2345, 2005.
H. Grabner and H. Bischof. On-line boosting and vision. In Proc. CVPR, volume 1, pages 260-267, 2006. Minh-Tri Pham and Tat-Jen Cham,Online Learning Asymmetric Boosted Classifiers for Object Detection, CVPR 2007.
Jun-Su Jang
6/11/07 Looking at People: A Survey of The-State-of-Arts Leon Gu
6/04/07 Coplanar Shadowgrams for Acquiring 3D Models of Intricate Objects Shuntaro Yamazaki
5/07/07 Hand Tracking Nobutaka Shimada
4/30/07 Youngbae Hwang, Jun-Sik Kim, and In So Kweon, "Sensor noise modeling using the Skellam distribution: Application to the color edge detection" to appear in CVPR 2007 Jun-Sik Kim
4/16/07 Manolis I.A. Lourakis, Antonis A. Argyros, The Design and Implementation of a Generic Sparse Bundle Adjustment Software Package Based on the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm (2004) David Xuhui Zhou
4/02/07 F. Cupillard, F. Bremond, and M. Thonnat. "Tracking Groups of People For Video Surveillance," Proc. of 2nd European Workshop on Advanced Video-based Surveillance Systems, Kingston, UK, September 4 2001, pp. 88-100.

Pedro Jorge, Arnaldo J. Abrantes, Jorge Salvador Marques, "On-line TrackingGroups of Pedestrians with Bayesian Networks," Workshop PETS, Prague, CzechRepublic, 2004, 65-72.

Arnaldo Abrantes, Jorge Salvador Marques, "Tracking with Bayesian Networks:Extension to Arbitrary Topologies," Proc. of ICIP2005 - IEEE InternationalConference on Image Processing, Genoa, Italy, 2005, pp. 402-405.
Bon Woo Hwang
3/26/07 Recent Research: Space-Time Motion Segmentation Keiji Gyoten
3/19/07 Chang HUANG, Haizhou AI, Yuan LI and Shihong LAO, Vector Boosting for Rotation Invariant Multi-View Face Detection, ICCV '05 Jun-Su Jang
3/05/07 "Ensemble Tracking," S. Avidan, IEEE Trans. on PAMI, Vol. 29, No. 2, 2007, pp. 261-271. "Ensemble Tracking," S. Avidan, Proc. of IEEE Conf. on CVPR, Jun. 2005, Vol. 2, pp. 494-501 Sang-Woong Lee
2/26/07 Mei Han, Wei Xu, Yihong Gong (NEC Laboratories America), "Video Foreground Segmentation Based on Sequential Feature Clustering", in the 2006 International Conference of Pattern Recognition (ICPR2006). Keiji Gyoten
2/19/07 PhD Thesis Presentation Junsik Kim
2/12/07 Camera Calibration David Xuhui Zhou
2/05/07 Face Reconstruction by SIFT Matching Bon Woo Huang
1/29/07 Yuan LI, Haizhou AI, Chang HUANG and Shihong LAO, Robust Head Tracking Based on a Multi-State Particle Filter, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FGR'06) Jun-Su Jiang
1/22/07 Removing Road Reflection Sang-Woong Lee
1/15/07 Camera Calibration with Multiple LCD Henry Hongwen Kang
Year 2006
Date Content Presenter
12/11/06 Yaron Ukrainitz and Michal Irani: Aligning Sequences and Actions by Maximizing Space-Time Correlations European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), pp.538-550, (2006-05) Keiji Gyoten
12/04/06 Recent research: Shape-from-Silhouette from Shadow
Andrea Bottino and Aldo Laurentini "Introducing a new problem: shape-from-silhouette when the relative positions of the viewpoints is unknown" IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2003

Carlos Hernandez and Francis Schmitt and Roberto Cipolla, "Silhouette coherence for camera calibration under circular motion" IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2006

Yee K. Wong and Roberto Cipolla, "Reconstruction of sculpture from its profiles with unknown camera positions" IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2004
Shuntaro Yamazaki
11/27/06 Recent research: Spacetime Geometry Yaser Ajmal Sheikh
11/20/06 Recent research: global scene understanding David Lee
11/13/06 Steve Seitz, Brian Curless, James Diebel, Daniel Scharstein and Rick Zeliski, "A Comparison and Evaluation of Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction Algorithms", CVPR 2006 David X. Zhou
11/06/06 Research research: Human Detection Bon Woo Hwang
10/30/06 Peter Sand and Seth Teller (MIT), "Particle Video", CVPR'06. Jake Sprouse
10/23/06 FREDERIK SCHAFFALITZKY AND ANDREW ZISSERMAN, Object Level Grouping for Video Shots JOSEF SIVIC , IJCV 2006. Jun-Su Jang
10/16/06 Bo Wu and Ram Nevatia, Univ. of Southern California, Tracking of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans based on Static Body Part Detection, CVPR 2006. Sang-Woong Lee
10/06/06 PIA Consortium Advisory Board Worshop 2006 PIA Group
10/02/06 Camera Calibration with LCD Shuntaro Yamazaki
09/25/06 A. Criminisi, G. Cross, A. Blake and V. Kolmogorov. Bilayer Segmentation of Live Video, CVPR 2006 Keiji Gyoten
09/18/06 Marcin Marszatek, Cordelia Schmid, Spatial Weighting for Bag-of-Features,ICCV 2006 David Lee
09/11/06 Driver Behavior Analysis by body tracking Yaser Ajmal Sheikh
08/28/06 Face Tracking using AAM + Cylinder Head Tracking Jaewon Sung
08/21/06 Object Recognition by Relationship Leon Gu
08/14/06 Motion Articulation Analysis Masaru Sugano
08/07/06 Gabriel J. Brostow and Roberto Cipolla, Unsupervised Bayesian Detection of Independent Motion in Crowds, CVPR06 David Xuhui Zhou
07/31/06 J. Sun, W.Zhang, X.Tang and H. Shum, Bi-directional Tracking using Trajectory Segment Analysis Bon-Woo Hwang
07/24/06 Jun-Su Jang and Jong-Hwan Kim, Evolutionary Pruning for Fast and Robust Face Detection Jun-Su Jang
07/17/06 Face Recognition using Support Vector Data Descriptor (SVDD) Sang-Woong Lee
07/10/06 Robust Active Appearance Model Face Fiting Daijin Kim
06/26/06 Object Tracking Hironobu Fujiyoshi
06/12/06 Action Recognition, Dynamic Motion Detection, and Horizon Detection Yaser Ajmal Sheikh
06/05/06 Recent Research: Motion Articulation Masaru Sugano
05/22/06 Recent Research: Vechicle Detection Cheng-Hao Kuo
David Changsoo Lee
05/15/06 Recent Research: Plausible Feature Matching Shuntaro Yamazaki
05/08/06 Recent Research: Automatic Movie Maker Keiji Gyohten
05/01/06 Recent Research: Head Tracking with Cylinder and AAM Model Jaewon Sung
04/24/06 Recent Research: Human Detector Bon Woo Hwang
04/17/06 Recent Research: Omega Head and Shoulder Line Detector Musik Kwon
04/10/06 A. Torralba, K. P. Murphy, W. T. Freeman and M. A. Rubin (2003). Context-based vision system for place and object recognition, IEEE Intl. Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) David Lee
04/03/06 Summary of Research Work at CMU Masato Kazui
03/27/06 Abhijit S. Ogale and Yiannis Aloimonos. "Shape and the stereo correspondence problem" Cheng-Hao Kuo
03/20/06 V. Lepetit, J. Pilet, and P. Fua, Point Matching as a Classification Problem for Fast and Robust Object Pose Estimation, Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Washington, DC, June 2004
M. Dimitrijevic, S. Ilic and P. Fua, Accurate Face Models from Uncalibrated and Ill-Lit Video Sequences, Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Washington, DC, June 2004
Leon Gu
03/13/06 Spring Break
03/06/06 J. Deutscher, A. Blake and Ian Reid, "Articulated body motion capture by annealed particle filtering", CVPR 2000 Masaru Sugano
02/27/06 Y.Y.Boykov and M. Jolly "Interactive Graph Cuts for Optimal Boundary & Region Segmentation of Objects in N-D images" [ICCV2001] Hironobu Fujiyoshi
02/20/06 Shaohua Zhou, Rama Chellappa, Baback Moghaddam "Visual tracking and Recogntion Using Appearance-Adaptive Models in Particle Filters." Daijin Kim
02/13/06 Michal Irani, "Multi-Frame Optical Flow Estimation Using Subspace Constraints" of ICCV 1999. Masato Kazui
02/06/06 Continue from previous week David Zhou
01/30/06 Q. Ke and T. Kanade, Transforming Camera Geometry to A Virtual Downward-Looking Camera: Robust Ego-Motion Estimation and Ground-Layer Detection (CVPR 2003) David Zhou
01/23/06 Allen Yang, Shankar Rao, Andrew Wagner and Yi Ma, "Segmentation of a Piece-Wise Planar Scene from Perspective Images" CVPR'05 Jaewon Sung
01/16/06 Continue from previous week Hulya Yalcin
01/09/06 Rene Vidal and Yi Ma, "A Unified Algebraic Approach to 2-D and 3-D Motion Segmentation", ECCV 2004. Shankar Rao, Allen Yang, Andrew Wagner, Yi Ma, "Segmentation of Hybrid Motions via Hybrid Quadratic Surface Analysis" ICCV'05 Hulya Yalcin
Year 2005
Date Content Presenter
12/19/05 N. Dalal and B. Triggs, "Histograms of oriented gradients for human detection," In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, San Diego, CA, pp.886-893, 2005 Bon Woo Hwang
12/09/05 PIA Consortium Advisory Board Workshop 2005
12/05/05 B. J. Frey and N. Jojic 1999. Transformed component analysis: Joint estimation of spatial transformations and image components. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision 1999 (CVPR 99) Leon Gu
11/28/05 Own Research Work: A real-time person independent facial expression recognition under stereo vision system Jaewon Sung
11/21/05 K. Mikolajczyk and C. Schmid, Scale & Affine Invariant Interest Point Detectors
Zelnik-Manor,L. and Irani, M. Degeneracies, dependencies and their implications in multi-body and multi-sequence factorizations
David Lee
Cheng-Hao Kuo
11/14/05 Bernhard Froba and Andreas Ernst, Face detection with the modified census transform ChingChun Huang
11/07/05 Continue from previous week Masaru Sugano
10/31/05 C Liu, A Torralba, WT Freeman and F Durand, Motion Magnification
Masaru Sugano
10/24/05 Andrew Stein and Martial Hebert, Incorporating Background Invariance into Feature-Based Object Recognition David Zhou
10/17/05 A. Elgammal, D. Harwood, L. S. Davis, "Non-parametric Model for Background Subtraction" 6th European Conference on Computer Vision. Dublin, Ireland, June/July 2000 Raymond BwoChau Fu
10/10/05 David G. Lowe, Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints Ted Square
10/03/05 C Liu, A Torralba, WT Freeman and F Durand, Motion Magnification Masaru Sugano
09/26/05 Hironobu Fujiyoshi and T. Kanade, Layered Detection for Multiple Overlapping Objects Hironobu Fujiyoshi
09/19/05 Cristian Sminchisescu and Bill Triggs, Building Roadmaps of Local Minima of Visual Models Musik Kwon
09/12/05 Bayesian Tangent Shape Model: Estimating Shape and Pose Parameters via Bayesian Inference Leon Gu
09/05/05 Labor Day
08/29/05 Changjiang Yang, Ramani Duraiswami and Larry Davis, Efficient Mean-Shift Tracking via a New Similarity Measure David Zhou
08/24/05 Mark Fashing and Carlo Tomasi, Mean Shift is a Bound Optimization Raju Patil
08/17/05 D. Comaniciu V. Ramesh and P. Meer, Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects using Mean Shift
D. Comaniciu V. Ramesh and P. Meer, Kernel-Based Object Tracking
D. Comaniciu and P. Meer, Mean Shift Analysis and Applications
David C. Lee
08/10/05 Own Research Work: 5-Camera Layer Registration
Mikolajczyk, Human Detection Based on a Probabilistic Assembly of Robust Part Detectors
Masato Kazui
Bon Woo Hwang
08/03/05 Own Research Work: Human Detector Musik Kwon
07/27/05 Eli Shechtman and Michal Irani, Space-Time Behavior Based Correlation Hulya Yalcin